Big Tree Removal in Reading
Experienced Tree Surgeons Felling All Types of Large Trees

Big tree felling requires qualified and experienced professionals that have the tools and knowledge to complete these projects. At Nash Arborist Limited, our team of tree surgeons are skilled and efficient at completing big tree removals. We cover areas in and around Reading and are available to advise on all types of situations.

We use the sectional dismantling method for big tree removals because it is the safest way to fell large trees.

Our team completes big tree felling for homeowners, businesses, groundworkers and landscapers. We remove large trees for many reasons including to fit the new aesthetic of a garden, because damage has occurred and in cases where trees have grown too big for the customers requirements.

We can show prospective customers and clients our previous work to provide inspiration for projects or peace of mind that all jobs we complete are effective, secure and are properly cleared.

The team at Nash Arborist can help with any necessary applications required to remove your tree and assist with advise on all tree matters. We are qualified to use stump grinders, chainsaws, climbing equipment and chippers to expertly complete every project.

Big Tree Removal Process

We complete all big tree removals after strict health and safety risk assessments. Our experienced tree surgeons will manage the situation from the initial assessment to clearing the finished site.

The process for big tree felling in Reading and the surrounding areas is to:

Tree Branch CuttingTree Trunk

We begin by assessing the tree to determine what the issue is, if the tree is dead, dying, damaged or dangerous. Big trees may also be removed because they were planted too close the owner’s property causing it to block out light, interfere with drainage or is overhanging a boundary. We will assess the area to ensure that no damage occurs to the property or other healthy trees.

For safety purposes, our expert team cordons off the area before lowering the branches of the tree to the ground with ropes. One of our arborists will then climb the tree and, starting at the top, cut it into manageable sections. This is the sectional dismantling method which is ideal for big tree removal because it allows us to control the branches and prevent any of the large sections from damaging your garden.

We can remove remaining tree stumps to stop rot from setting in and prevent it from spreading. All rubbish is removed from the area and turned into mulch via the chipper. Larger branches leftover from big tree removals will be cut on the ground and recycled as logs. The team at Nash Arborist is available to complete any scale of tree felling for all types of customers and clients in Reading and the surrounding areas

For big tree removals in Reading completed by expert tree surgeons, please call Nash Arborist Limited on 0118 343 7215 today.

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